Public Health Nuisance

The Morgan County Sanitary Code includes regulations on the following “nuisances” that may become injurious to the public by creating a “public health hazard”.

List of Nuisances the Morgan County Health Department will investigate:

  1. Malfunctioning household sewage disposal/treatment devices
  2. Garbage/refuse storage and removal
  3. Public swimming pools, bathing places, camps, parks, trailer parks, and other places of public gathering
  4. Private water supply systems
  5. Abandoned wells and cisterns

The above areas will be investigated when a signed written complaint is filed as required by the Board of Health. Where a “public health nuisance” is found to exist, the department will take the necessary steps to attempt to bring about compliance within the provisions of the Sanitary Code.

Nuisances that are NOT covered by the Morgan County Sanitary Code:

  1. Excessive growth of grass, weeds or trees
  2. Housing (no building/ housing codes in Morgan County)
  3. Number of animals/nuisance animals
  4. Unclean living conditions
  5. Junk automobiles and or junk yards
  6. Burning of materials
  7. Illegal dumping/scrap tire dumping/construction materials
  8. Commercial, public and industrial sewage problems
  9. Unsanitary living conditions with children involved
  10. Landlord/tenant problems

The above list will not be investigated because there are no public health regulations governing them.


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